How well do you know A Goofy Movie?
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How well do you know A Goofy Movie?

Randon questions from and about the goofy movie

1. What did max Forget as he left his house for school ?
2. Where did max really wana go instead of fishing with dad?
3. What colour T- shirt was roxanne wearing?
4. Where was the "stupid rat show"?
5. Where did Max's headmaster (at school) say to goofy max he would end up
6. What would you rate this quizz? (be honest)
7. Where was max going when they sang the song "After today"?
8. Who did max want to talk to at the mall?
9. Where did Goofy wana take Max?
10. What did Goofy Vacume up when he was cleaning up in Maz's room in the beginning?
11. Finish the words: They've been laughing since i can remember...
12. Any suggestions for a new quizz