How well do you know A Goofy Movie?

Randon questions from and about the goofy movie

1 What did max Forget as he left his house for school ?
2 Where did max really wana go instead of fishing with dad?
3 What colour T- shirt was roxanne wearing?
4 Where was the "stupid rat show"?
5 Where did Max's headmaster (at school) say to goofy max he would end up
6 What would you rate this quizz? (be honest)
7 Where was max going when they sang the song "After today"?
8 Who did max want to talk to at the mall?
9 Where did Goofy wana take Max?
10 What did Goofy Vacume up when he was cleaning up in Maz's room in the beginning?
11 Finish the words: They've been laughing since i can remember...
12 Any suggestions for a new quizz