What is your Heart made out of?

Your Heart keeps your body going - but what is your heart made out of? is it the ice of hatred or the flame of love? Try it out - right every time!

1 How many friends do you have?
2 Your favourite hobbie is...
3 DO you like where you live?
4 do you like animals?
5 What is your fave noise?
6 whats your favourite smell?
7 Whats your favourite sight?
8 what foods do you like?
9 WHat music do you like?
10 Whats opur favourite colour out of the selections below?
11 Your favourite symbol.
12 Out of ten, how much do family mean to you?
13 Out of ten, how much do friends mean to you?
14 Out of ten, how smart are you genrally? (not just in school).
15 do you still have cuddly toys?
16 What inspires you?