HOw well do you know Nest+m?
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HOw well do you know Nest+m?

How well do you think you know Nest+m? This quiz will rate you if you a know nothing freshman or a experienced senior! GUd luck :)

1. What time do freshman get out?
2. If you were to leave school because you wanted to cut class, which entrance would you leave out of?
3. Which teachers first name is Olga?
4. Who is referred to as A troll/Jeanhunter?
5. WHat does NEst+m stand for?
6. Who has drank Bubble water before? (AKA Bubble Tea)
7. Which teacher has a scooter?
8. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? (Random QUestion :p )
9. WHo thinks this quiz is stupid?