How well do u know me?
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How well do u know me?

To see if how well u no me.,

1. What is my full name?
2. What are my dogs names?
3. Whats My Mums name
4. How old am i
5. whats my fav swear word
6. What Month is My baby due in?
7. What is my horse's name?
8. What the name of the father of my baby?
9. Am i in love at the moment
10. what my dads name
11. What's my fav Food?
12. Whats ma fav colour
13. what colour did i last dye my hair
14. What ma fav programes
15. who do i like best
16. Have i got a brother called
17. What drink do i drink
18. Can i drive
19. Am i goin to be a mum b4 210 is over
20. do i want a boy or a girl