How much do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend

How much do you truely love your boyfriend/girlfriend??

1 how often do you want to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
2 how often do you miss your boyfriend/girlfriend?
3 how often do you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them?
4 what do you think a kiss means?
5 What would you do if your Boy/girlfriend told you they were moving far away?
6 how much do you think you love them?
7 sex or make love?
8 how often do you talk to your boy/girlfriend?
9 how often do you worry about them?
10 can you sleep at night without them there?
11 are you constantly checking your phone to see if they called or texted you??
12 when you are with them, how often do you hold hands??
13 do you buy them expensive things for their birthday or other holidays??
14 do you get in fights a lot?
15 when you got into a fight with them, what happened??
16 why did you take this quiz?
17 do you think this quiz is going to be somewhat accurate?
18 do you think the questions were completely stupid and didnt make any sense?
19 you are finally done!!!