how well do u kno 2009 songs

fill in the missing lyric

1 id like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly, its had to say that id rather stay awak when im asleep, cuz some thngs are never as it seems.
2 your lookin so cool your lookin so fly, cant deny that when i stare you down dead in the eye i wanna try to be the person u want the person u need its hard to consieve that sombody like you, could be with som1 like me
3 cuz when the roof caved in and the truth came out i just didnt kno wat 2 do, but when i become a star well be living so large ill do any thing for you.
4 cuz girl your my one love my one heart my one life for sure imma tell u 1 time imma tell u 1 time. n o ull be my 1 girl ull be my number1 girl always makin time for you
5 meet me at the hotel motel holiday inn, meet me at the hotel motel holiday inn. forget about ur boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room. u can bring ur girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room
6 i pull up to the club in the taxi cab evry bodys lookin at me now.. like whos that chik thats rockin kicks shes gotta b from oout of town. so hard with my girls not around me, this deffinatly isnt a nashville party cuz all i c are stilletos. i guess i nvr got the memo
7 its been about a year now ant seen or herd from yoou iv been mising you crazy. how do you, how do u sleep. i found the letter you wrote me, still smells just like you and those sweet memories how do you how do you sleep