How much do you know me?

Let's see how much you know me. =)

1 First off, how old am I?
2 When is my birthday?
3 What's my middle name?
4 What's my favorite kind of music?
5 Am I right or left handed?
6 What's my favorite subject?
7 What's my favorite TV show?
8 What's my favorite color?
9 Answer this honestly: Do you know my phone number without looking?
10 What's my email address?
11 Do I forgive or forget easily?
12 My two favorite bands:
13 Who are my two bestfriends?
14 How old was I when I got my "real" first kiss?
15 What phone service do I have?
16 What year of High School did I get hit with a car?
17 What Do I Plan To Do After High School?
18 What Kind of Career Do I Plan on pursuing?
19 Favorite Fast Food Place To Eat?
20 What's my favorite Country Song?
21 Honestly, have you met my mom or dad?
22 Honestly, do we hangout on a normal basis?
23 What's our friendship like?
24 Do we ever text or talk on the phone?
25 How well do you think you did?