How smart are you?
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How smart are you?

If you get all of this right then you are amazing!

1. First of all, which one of these would you consider yourself to be?
2. Sarah is sixteen and four times her brother's age. How old will sarah be when she is twice her brother's age?
3. A woman is sitting in a pitch black room with no light at all, how is she reading her book?
4. A man rides into a town on Friday and stays three days, he then leaves on Friday, how does he do it?
5. A man is driving his car and sitting next to him is his son, then a deer jumps onto the road and the man and his son have a crash. The man dies and his son is taken to hospital for his injuries. When in theatre, the surgeon says "Thats my son!". How is the boy the surgeon son?
6. If you had 10 tons of feathers and 10 tons of lead and you dropped them both at the same time, which would land first?
7. What comes next in the sequence... 2, 5, 11, 23, 47, ...
8. A bungalow has a red door, a red floor, a red roof and everything else is red, what colour is the stairs?
9. Bella's mother has three children, Nicola, Kate and ? <------ Guess the name of the third child.
10. A dice is thrown 80 times. it lands on a six 12 times. What is the probability of throwing a six?