Which Teen Titans character are you?
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Which Teen Titans character are you?

Find out which member of the Teen Titans suits you best!

1. Are you very friendly and sociable?
2. All your friends are busy and you're all by yourself. How would you spend the day?
3. One of your really annoying friends give you a dumb nickname. How do you react?
4. What's something you really like to do?
5. Which qoute do you like best?
6. You just got prankcalled by your crush. Ouch. Reaction?
7. You killed your best friends pet by accident. Fail. Reaction?
8. It's your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! What do you expect today?
9. After a long busy day, you look forward to sleeping in your room. Sadly, a monster attacks the town. What do you do?
10. A relative comes to visit you and your friends! Who would it be?