How much do you know about sex?
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How much do you know about sex?

A fun quiz on some sexual facts... because the last quiz was appallingly rudimentary and lacking any kind of knowledge.

1. During a 30 minute sex session, about how many calories are burned on average?
2. The average length of an erect human penis is how many inches?
3. How many parts does the female human clitoris have?
4. True or False: Only women have g-spots.
5. What is the technical term for the missionary position?
6. Where are a majority of the world's condoms produced (around billion of them)?
7. True or False: The female clitoris head has more nerve endings than the entire male penis.
8. What is the average shelf life of a latex condom?
9. Dendrophilia is the sexual fetish in which a person has a strong desire to engage in sexual acitivity with...
10. According to Playboy, what is the most popular sexual aid?