Are you REALLY from Grant Park?
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Are you REALLY from Grant Park?

With the latest advances in technology and global tracking devices, we have discovered a new way to track your true orgin on planet Earth. We have put great effort into working to deciphyr the chronological map structure to develope a mental block system casted in a metal alloy similar to that of the Terminator, to tell wether you are TRULY from Grant Park of if you just stay behind Muvico off Bruce B. Down.

1. Where did you grow up at?
2. Do you got beef with any other "hoods?"
3. Are you a sneaker head
4. Are you involved with distrubuting narcotics to "basers" or "fiends?"
5. When you wake up in the mourning whats the first thing you do?
6. What kind of car do you drive.
7. How many "licks" have you "hit"?
8. How many fights have you been in?