Paleontology Quiz

Are you a future paleontologist and a dinosaur-nerd, or just a normal, prehistorically misinformed person? This quiz will test what you know about prehistoric life, especially about dinosaurs. And, just so you know, this is a legitimate, difficult test that should accurately tell you how much you know about paleontology- at least I think it is.

1 What was Brontosaurus excelsus?
2 Which of the following is a dinosaur?
3 Which of these are from the Paleozoic?
4 What animal could be found in the Holocene epoch?
5 What was Ouranosaurus's distinguishing feature?
6 How many millions of years ago (mya) did the prehistoric shark Charcarocles (sometimes Carcharodon) megalodon exist?
7 What was odd about Helicoprion's jaws?
8 What type of rock are almost all fossils found in?
9 What modern-day vehicle did Quetzalcoatlus most resemble?
10 In the BBC documentary Walking With Dinosaurs (and in numerous other BBC prehistoric films), what is innacurate with the depiction of Liopleurodon?
11 What wouldn't you find in a Carboniferous swamp?
12 Recently, evidence for a venemous dinosaur has been found. What is the name of the genus of this possibly-venemous animal?