How "Jessica Simpson" are you !?!?
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How "Jessica Simpson" are you !?!?

Jessica Ann Simpson is the most naturally beautiful woman in the world inside and out. :)

1. If you could chose one color that expresses "you" it would be...
2. About how many "blonde moments" do you think you've had this month?
3. Chicken of the Sea? or Chicken by the Sea?
4. Do OTHER PEOPLE generally think that you are pretty? ( be honest!)
5. So really.. how many handbags do you own?
6. Do people usually laugh at what you have to say?
7. So it's time to make a trip to the Home Depot to get Bee killer.. what are you going to wear?
8. Would you change anything about yourself?
9. Are you embarassed to burp, fart, or trip and fall infront of people?