How well do you know me?
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How well do you know me?

Find out if you really do know me!

1. Whats my Middle name?
2. Whats my Favorite Movie?
3. Whats my Favorite Instrument?
4. What was my favorite movie as a child?
5. whats my favorite color?
6. What do I want to be when I grow up?
7. What are my dogs' names?
8. What color are my eyes?
9. Whats my Favorite thing to wear?
10. Of the two, Who would i think would win a fight between mario and pacman?
11. What is my Favorite Video Game?
12. What is my Favorite Food?
13. Whats my Favorite Drink?
14. Have I ever had Surgery?
15. What would be my Primary weapon in the case of a zombie attack?