Which Kingdom Hearts Character are you?

Tells you which Kingdom Hearts Character you are most likely to be! (Sorry no pics on the last 3, silly facebook messed up!)

1 You find a wallet filled with a lot of money in it, what do you do?
2 You see your a stranger being bullied at school, what do you do?
3 How would you discribe yourself?
4 Your frind has gone missing, what do you try and do?
5 You see people broken down on the site of the road in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?
6 You just lost your best friend in an arguement, what do you do?
7 Your teacher puts you in detention you...?
8 You see a kitten stuck up in a tree you...?
9 In a bank robbery you..?
10 Both your two best friends have gone missing and are beyond your world, what do you do?