Where is the next pickle mustard stain you'll see?

There is a world where people like to throw their donkeys at others. Big sock. There was this one guy who bought his nunchucks from Adidas. He shared his mustard pickle with his nephew Jerry, but found a bump on a log and called it steak. Mmmmmmm. So he blew out a candle and looked at a stork.

1 So if you saw a mini piece of tape would you put him in a shoebox and call him "friend?"
2 Do you see the hidden llama?
3 If the neighboring cities shared CDs, what would their hot air balloons look like?
4 It's Leif Erickson Day! On your to-do list, there must be one of these:
5 Bunnies on patrol?
6 So there's a naked crap walking down a rigid plantain, what do you do?
7 If you see a wet piece of metal and you don't hit it with a broom what should you do?
8 There's a rainbow today, what do you look for?
9 You enter a HAUNTED HOUSE...
10 You take a train to Kurditherdither where you meet a midget. His name is Paul and he likes toys...
11 It's Wednesday, what do you do?
12 You see a very small amount of pebbles laying on the garden floor, what do you do?
13 Which of these animals is your favorite?
14 What's your least favorite color?