Harry Potter Quiz

Most Harry Potter quizes on facebook are not even remotely challenging to a hardcore Harry Potter fan. This one will give your grey cells a very good workout.

1 How did Voldemort get the Elder Wand?
2 How old is harry when his son Albus Severus Potter joined Hogwarts?
3 Which book contains the primary refernce through which Harry Potter's date of birth can be found?
4 Whom does Petunia refer to when Harry asks her how she knew about Azkaban?
5 When was Voldemort born?
6 When he died, how old was Nicolas Flamel?
7 Who Destroyed Hufflepuff's Cup?
8 Who first gave reference to the Room of Requirement in the series?
9 What color are Ginny Weasley's eyes?
10 which of the following creatures did harry NOT encounter in the maze in the triwizard tournament?
11 What does Albus dumbledore see in the mirror of erised?