Are you George Furzer's perfect girl?

Just a very quickly made quiz to help George with his quest for love. Matt Hobday is sick of George Furzer not being able to find a suitable lady friend despite him knowing every single girl in Devon. If you think you may have what it takes to satisfy this sexy little number, George wants you to take his quiz. ;)

1 What gender are you?
2 Do you have hair?
3 How tall are you?
4 How old are you?
5 How big do you think George's winkle is?
6 What is your favourite sport?
7 George wants to work in the Health and Fitness industry, but as what?
8 George describes himself as...
9 George describes himself as...
10 George likes to look at little girls, do you share this hobbie?
11 Do you like a guy to obsess over you?
12 Do you like cuddling and snuggiling up with your favourite teddy bear?
13 Have you ever watched your Mum in the shower to see what boobies really look like?
14 Does your man need good dance moves to impress you?
15 What is your favourite drink?
16 Is George like a little brother to you?
17 Do you find George adorable or cute?
18 Is George just the most funny, lovely little P.I.M.P. in the Worrrld?! :D