How racist are you?
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How racist are you?

This quize will help you find out if you are a racist, and how much of a racist you are.

1. In the 2009 campaign, did you not vote for Obama because.
2. If your neighbors are Asian and they invited you too their cook out, what would you say ?
3. When you take a drive through down town Saginaw, Flint, or Detroit how do you feel ?
4. Its the day after Christmass and your telling all your friends about your grate presents, then your jewish friend comes by to talk to you. What do you say?
5. who are the best farmers/house cleaners ?
6. African Americans belong ....
7. A mexican knocks on your door and ask for work, what do you do ?
8. You are on a airplane on your way to New York and you hear 2 muslems behind you, what thoughts are running through your mind?