How Well Do You Know The Peanuts Gang

This Quiz is just for fun to see how well you know the coolest kids around.

1 Who created the Peanuts Gang?
2 What is the name of Charlie Brown's Dog
3 what is Linus's Last name
4 Who are Linus's siblings
5 What does Charlie Browns father do for a living?
6 Which Character plays the piano
7 what does sally sometimes call Linus?
8 What does Linus take everywhere he goes
9 How many times has Charlie Brown Kicked a football held by Lucy?
10 Who does Lucy have a crush on?
11 Who does charlie Brown have a crush on
12 What sports team does Charlie Brown manage?
13 How many games has his tem won?
14 What happens when Charlie Brown flies his kite?
15 What does linus do on halloween?
16 who is schroders favorite composer?
17 What kind of roadside stand does Lucy operate?
18 What position does Charlie Brown play?
19 What is the name of Snoopy's cousin?
20 what is the underlying message of the peanuts gang?