lateral thinking puzzles

can you do them

1 what do a cave a boy and a river have in common
2 a plane carrying a ton of feathers and a ton of rocks is flying over the ocean they are both drop out of the plane at the same time which hits the ground first
3 max works in a candy shop he has brown hair and is 1.8 metres tall he has green eyes...what does he weigh
4 what can be played lost but not won
5 bob just bought a new car on his way home from work he is so exited of the propect of showing it to his girlfreind that he is not concentraiting e goes past a red light with out stopping bumps in to someone in front of him and turns into a no entery road a police officer observes his actions yet makes no attempt to arrest him why
6 11x9x5x14x6x7x21x0=?