How well do you know Lord of The Rings?

So you think you know Lord of The Rings? Well take this quiz to find out how much you really know the world of Middle Earth.

1 What is the Standard of the Steward of Gondor?
2 Who forged the 3 Rings of the Elves?
3 How old is Aragorn at the Helm Deep?
4 What is the Ortham?
5 How many Nazgul are there?
6 What is Gandalfs sword named?
7 Over what kingdom(s) does Aragorn have the claim to Kingship?
8 How many Istari (wizards) are there?
9 What is that Capital of Gondor during The War of the Ring?
10 Who "kills" the Witch King of Angmar?
11 Who was King Theoden's Son?
12 How many members formed the Fellowship of the Ring?
13 Where do the Men of Gondor come from?
14 Which is the Greatest river in all Middle Earth?
15 Who built Isengard?
16 What was the name of Minas Morgul before it fell to the Witch-King?
17 "A Wizard is never _____, Frodo Baggins"
18 What is a Uruk-hai?
19 Who was the first High King of Men on Middle Earth
20 How many ages had Middle Earth experianced 2 years after Aragon's crowning?