Do you Know David A.M. Brown?
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Do you Know David A.M. Brown?

see if you David Brown as well as you think you do

1. What is David Brown"s FAVORITE band?
2. What DAY is David Brown's Birthday on?
3. Which American City has David Brown NEVER been to?
4. Which insturment has David Brown NEvER played?
5. What is David Brown's cat named?
6. What does David brown call his HEAD HAIR?
7. What kind of CALENDER does David Brown have in his room?
8. What is David Brown's FAVORITE Director?
9. How times has DAVID Brown had Surgery?
10. What is David Brown's middle names?
11. What is David Brown's Nationalities?
12. What is David Brown's Favorite Singer (going off of talent and awesomeness)
13. How long is David Brown's LEFT EYEBROW(inches)?