how long will your relationship last?
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how long will your relationship last?

got a bf or gf? want to know if it will work out for you in the end? take this quiz and see if you two were meant to be!

1. do you always light up when you see eachother?
2. when you hangout with him/her and friends do you always talk to him/her?
3. if they were sick what would you do?
4. what kind of things do you do in your relationship?
5. would you ever force them into something they didnt want to do (whether a small thing or big)
6. if your friends were picking on ur gf/bf wat would you do?
7. do you write about them ( doodle theor names, write cute poems or songs?)
8. do you like anyone else?
9. do they get jealous when your talking about a person from the opposite sex
10. do they ever talk about a previous gf/bf