Tactic Outcome, Zombies are here!

This is a test to see if you really can take zombies out, and if so? Great!....buuuut you still have the rest of the cities to go to and you need supplies,shelter and most of all ammo!!! if you can take one Zombie out then maybe you have a chance at life. each question will test you on what you are going to do, ether good or bad, strait forward and no percentage on if you will live, ether you live or die, choose wise my friend,if your with me stay alive or you'll see my gun pointing at your ZOMBIE HEAD!!! if not you can go on your own! PeaUse!

1 You are the first to knotice the first two Zombies at work, where as the thierd one wondered off. what do you do?
2 days have passed what are you doing to keep your self alive!
3 you have the supplies,ammo and ppl around you, what is your next plan?
4 if your friend or lover turned into a Zombie what would you do?
5 If there were 3 cities which one would you go to?
6 if you could try to control the Zombies whould you try?
7 you have a choice between saving everyone around you or someone close to you.