How much of a Surrealist are you?
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How much of a Surrealist are you?

Do you lump all your giraffes in the bathtub? Ever wonder why you shave your pacemaker EVERY DAY, whether or not it's been combobulating? There's a chance your perogies could be in limbo! Take this quiz to discover how much of a flange you are.

1. How far has your gravity melted?
2. Does your gob ever itch?
3. How does your odor resonate in the funnel?
4. Begrüßen Sie den Turm von Babel In Ihrem Senf?
5. When would you say your mutterings touch the Zygote of Fate?
6. If you ate all of Frank's buttresses, what would you say would implode?
7. Coffee begins to fill your smithereens. What happens?