How Absolutely Perfectly Definitely Amazing R U?

This quiz tells you how Absolutely Perfectly Definitely Amazing R U! Wow! That was a mouthful.

1 Would you hug a random stranger on the street for a dollar, cause your friend dared you too?
2 Who yells at you the most in your day?
3 How do you release your anger?
4 Could you go skydiving? What would it take for you to do so?
5 Do you love animals?
6 Is the creator of the quiz Absolutely Perfectly Defintely Amazing?
7 Would you ever run for President as a joke?
8 Have you ever got an annoying song stuck in your head, and sung it out loud accidently?
9 Does this quiz stand a chance of getting a million fans?
10 Last Question: Pick any number, one of them will give you a very high score; but the rest will only bring down your score!