how much do you know about danielle campbell?

how much do you know about me...

1 whats my favorite color
2 how many hourse do i spend on the computer daily?
3 was this a boring quiz?
4 what size are my feet?
5 what have i lost and cant find?
6 what do i like more?
7 did you hate this quiz as much as i did?
8 whats my dogs name?
9 how old am i?
10 whats my twins sisters name?
11 what elementary school did i go to?
12 what do i want to be when i gorw up?
13 whats my boyfriends middle name?
14 what was my name supposed to be?
15 whats my favorite tv show?
16 whats my favorite holiday?
17 how tall am i?
18 am i mean to my sisters?
19 what is my favorite nickname?
20 who do i like more?
21 what do i hate more?
22 whats my favorite movie?