Which WPHS JROTC Chain of Command Cadet are you?

Find out what cadet and what position in the Chain of Command you are most like.

1 What are you two major winning colors?
2 You see a cadet wearing an ipod in the courtyard before school what do you do?
3 What is your favorite kinda cover?
4 Your at a Command and Staff meeting what do you usually talk about?
5 If all hell broke loose in the Battalion what would you be doing?
6 Report Cards are coming out soon whats going through your mind?
7 It's the christmas parade where are you in the formation?
8 Which Army Value do you best represent?
9 What is your opinion on physical training?
10 Where you in SLDC?
11 Where do you want to go to college?
12 How did you like this quiz?