the retarted 20!! facebook version

How Good are you at the retarted 20? mega Uber L33Tness?? good? average? bad? die in a horrible car accedent? OMG, JUST PLAY THIS QUIZ! YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS!! there are no wrong answers in this quiz. Enjoy! (p.s: the retarted 20! is real. if you do not believe me i will go to an army base, hop on one of the cannons, and blow up a building.) (p.p.s: i was joking in the last part. i'll just tell you that you are wrong and i am right.... but we all knew that.) (p.p.p.s: once again i was joking about that too.... i'll just stop talking now.) (p.p.p.p.s:.........)

1 What color is a purple & and pink fish?
2 What is a name for a person who sucks at everything he does?
3 lol question 3
4 Jumping off a cliff will...
5 count to 5. now. what number did you count to?
6 if you download viruses do they help hack into people's computers?
7 Will you ever kill the evil pumpkin in your bed?