Charmed- The ultimate quiz

this is about the tv show charmed, goes through the charmed ones lives and things they came across.

1 when did the halliwells become charmed?
2 How old were the charmed ones when they became witches?
3 What was their cats name?
4 where did leo propose to piper?
5 why did piper and prue go to the future?
6 what was prues ultimate fear?
7 what were billie and kristy? the.................. power
8 where did paige get propsed at?
9 what season did prue die?
10 how did prue die?
11 In the charmed ones passed lives were they sisters or cousins?
12 where did phoebe and cole first meet?
13 In season 8 who did phoebe fall in love with? for good this time?
14 who was coop?
15 which charmed sister was the first one to want to take out billie and her sister?
16 why did piper want the angel of destiny take leo away?
17 what are pipers sons names?
18 which son was the most powerful?
19 who was the most powerful sister ever?
20 who won the ultimate fight between the ultimate power(billie & christie) and the charmed ones?
21 who died in the last epsiode of charmed?
22 what demon killed prue then went after paige to stop the power of 3 being reborn?