What Do You Think/Know About Meee?

There wont actually be outcomes at the end, I just wanna see peoples answers :] So everyone will get the same thankyou note instead of a result. Questions are based on personality and such. xxx

1 Please describe my personality in 1 word.
2 When do you like me the most?
3 Am I annoying..? [TELL THE TRUTH!]
4 What do you LIKE calling me, regardless of what I prefer?
5 This quiz says too much about me...so say something about you!
6 Just asking, how much do you think you know about me?
7 Am I scary? Elmo thinks I'm scary... [Sorry bout the random question. I g2g, lol]
8 The logo of the quiz is [Sorry, WAS :(] my puppy, Coco. This is random, but is she prettiful?