How much do you really know about sex?
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How much do you really know about sex?

No bullshitting, real educated answers and questions.

1. Which of these can NOT be contracted through intercourse?
2. What is the range of average ERECT penis length found by most studies?
3. Which of these Birth Control Methods has the highest rate of success when used correctly?
4. True or Flase, if a girls hymen has NOT broken, her first time WILL be painful?
5. What is another way to say Auxiliary Intercourse?
6. True or False- A Paedophile is ALWAYS a child molester.
7. Which statement is true?
8. True or false: If a woman misses her period, she must be pregnant.
9. True or flase: Men think about sex every seven seconds
10. According to studies, what percentage of women are wearing an incorrectly fitted bra?