How much do you know about Star Wars?

1 Who commissioned the clone army for the republic?
2 How many children did Luke Skywalker have in total?
3 What is the homeworld of the Gran named?
4 Name one beast that is native to Dxun.
5 Palpatine once mentioned he had a master who knew how to stop people from dying. What was that master's name?
6 Name 3 commandos of Delta Squad.
7 Who invented the droideka?
8 What race was General Grievous before his accident?
9 In Episode 1 JarJar speaks of a 'little bitty accidenty' that caused him to get kicked out of Otoh Gunga. What was the 'final straw' that did it?
10 What race was Greedo?
11 Leia often calls Han a 'scruffy herf herder.' How many horns does a nerf have?
12 Who wrote the refined version of the Jedi Code?
13 One of Han and Leia's children falls to the darkside and becomes a sith. What was their original name?
14 Which is NOT true of the Yuuzhan Vhong?