How well do you know The OC?

Are you really as big of a fan of The OC as you think you are? Take this quiz and find out!

1 How did Marissa die?
2 What was the name of Julie Cooper and Kirsten Cohens dating service?
3 Which two characters fall off a ladder and end up in a world without them?
4 Which college does Seth aspire to get into?
5 What did Summer name her pet Rabbit?
6 Which of the following characters moved to Japan to persue a career in Fashion Sales?
7 Who accidentally burns down the Newport Group the night of Sandy's Man of the Year Award Party?
8 What is Julie Coopers sisters name?
9 At Jimmy Coopers farewell party, Marissa gets drunk and causes a scene and yells out "No wonder I'm so screwed up, im a daughter of a theif and a ______"
10 When Ryan and Marissa first met, where did Marissa think Ryan was from?