How well do you know The OC?
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How well do you know The OC?

Are you really as big of a fan of The OC as you think you are? Take this quiz and find out!

1. How did Marissa die?
2. What was the name of Julie Cooper and Kirsten Cohens dating service?
3. Which two characters fall off a ladder and end up in a world without them?
4. Which college does Seth aspire to get into?
5. What did Summer name her pet Rabbit?
6. Which of the following characters moved to Japan to persue a career in Fashion Sales?
7. Who accidentally burns down the Newport Group the night of Sandy's Man of the Year Award Party?
8. What is Julie Coopers sisters name?
9. At Jimmy Coopers farewell party, Marissa gets drunk and causes a scene and yells out "No wonder I'm so screwed up, im a daughter of a theif and a ______"
10. When Ryan and Marissa first met, where did Marissa think Ryan was from?