How 1337 are you?
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How 1337 are you?

If you love megatokyo, or consider yourself a computer whiz, take this quiz to evaluate your l33tness.

1. 1. \/\/l-l47 d035 7l-li5 53l\l74l\lc3 54y?
2. 2. Both 0f j00r 4rms are brok3n, 4nd in c4sts, h0\/\/ d0 j00 play g4m3s?
3. 3. Sh0l_l1d j00 3v3r pl_lrcl-l4se a pr3-bl_lil7 c0/\/\pl_l73r?
4. 4. What precautions should be taken when assembling a computer?
5. 5. Name the best yet most overlooked place for l33t goods.
6. 6. The object of your personal interest is unhappy, how do you cheer him/her up?
7. 7. Your in a foriengn country, you don't speak the language, you have no secure place to stay, and no idea how long you'll be there, whats the first thing you do?
8. What is most important to you?