Seriously, are you trustworthy?

This isn't one of those really pathetic quizzes that will determine the answer based on a couple of good or bad anwers, are you worth someones trust? or aren't you?

1 If someone who you have only recently met tells you that they have hooked up with someone you and others might know of quite well, who do you tell?
2 If you just saw someone who is well known for being awesome, holding hands with a girl/boy thats a total nut-job what do you do?
3 If you have heard something disgusting about someone, do you talk about it if asked?
4 When your on Facebook and you see an argument sparking up between two of your friends online you...
5 Do you ever threaten to bring up horrible information about someone because they have treated you or a friend badly?
6 Have you ever made up a romour about someone?
7 Have you ever shared someone else's secret with anyone?
8 Why do you think people tell you their secrets?
9 Have you ever told someone that you "Won't tell anybody" when you did eventually tell?
10 Who do you share your thoughts about someone with?
11 Have you ever spoken about someone and known they can hear what you're saying?
12 Do you post FB status' about people you don't like?
13 Have you ever denied saying something bad about someone when you have?
14 When was the last time you spoke badly about someone
15 Will you judge someone by what other people have told you about them?
16 Have you ever lost a friend over a trust issue?
17 How do you deal with your anger/frustration?