How well do you know Amy and Etie...?

How well do you know us and what do you really think of us...

1 If we started talking about fruit salad what does it mean?
2 Whats our favourite multi-cultural food?
3 Whos more loyal
4 Whats Etie's favourite genre?
5 What is one thing we always disagree on?
6 What is our favourite thing to do at target?
7 In our group of friends we are...?
8 What are some of our favourite things to do at lunch?
9 What type of ipod does Amy have?
10 Guess Who: I have brown hair, brown eyes, weirdness, a really long tongue
11 In total how big are our families put together (including pets)?
12 What is the average of both our birdays (rounded off)
13 When we are sleeping over at one another's houses, what do we do?
14 Finally, why are we making this quiz?