How Well Do You Know Country Music?

There is a few songs in the answers of the questions, they contain the lyrics of country songs and its to see how well you know country music.

1 Which Song is by Justin Moore?
2 Fill in the blank. I can take you for a ride_____. We can go slow or make it go faster.
3 Which Lyrics are from The song "then" by Brad Paisley?
4 Who sings Only you can love me this way?
5 Finish these lyrics... People called it prison when i was growing up but these are my roots and this is what i love...
6 Well I love her, But i love to fish, i spend all day out on this lake and hell is all i catch,
7 The Lyrics "She got eyes that cut you like a knife and her lips taste like sweet red wine, and her pretty legs go to heaven everytime, she got a smile that can knock a grown man to his knees" came from what song?
8 Who sings "Toes"?
9 Which artist sings A country boy can survive?
10 Fill in the blank... Before days flew by like a drunk friday night.. as a song i drew to an end, they coulnd't beleive that i just couldn't leave,