How well do you know Monty Python?

I have compiled the hardest quiz known to fruit bats, orangutans and breakfast cereals from all of my innocuous knowledge of monty python. How well do you that which you think you love?

1 Who is not a member of Monty Python?
2 There are two instances where John Cleese is in a scene with another character named Conchord. What are they?
3 In the Dennis Moore sketch what is it that he steals from the rich to give to the poor?
4 Why did the Blaumanges want to turn all of England into Scotsmen?
5 In the dead parrot sketch where was the second pet store?
6 How many times does a swallow beat its wings every second?
7 In Jabberwocky what is the main characters most prized possetion?
8 Which of the following is NOT a way that a typical monty python sketch ends?
9 In the Funniest Joke in the World Sketch who is the second person to fall victim to it?
10 Whom of these has shuffled off their mortal coil and joined the bleeding quire invisible?
11 Which direction does the giant Monty Python foot point?
12 What group was Brian a member of in Life of Brian?
13 What is the first present given to the head of the army squad in Meaning of Life (Fighting Each Other)?
14 What is the name of the sketch that the giant hedgehog makes his first appearance in?
15 In Monty Python and the Holy Grail after the Trojan Rabbit fails what was immediately the next thought as to their follow up course of action?
16 In the Cheese Shop Sketch which type of cheese did the shop keep almost have?
17 In Monty Python and the Holy Grail which question could the bridgekeeper not answer?
18 What is the weapon of choice of the knight that shows up randomly in a variety of sketches?
19 Which member of Monty Python has never dressed like a woman?
20 Complete the quote: "Shut _____ you _____ your type _________ you _________!