Kath and Kim Quiz.

How well do you know our fave foxy ladies?

1 Who is Kel's old friend?
2 What does Kim tell Brett to lose so they can have a baby?
3 What does Kath refer to herself as?
4 Who is Kim's best friend?
5 What sport does Sharon play?
6 Who was once Sharon's "boyfriend" in the second season?
7 What does Kim look like at her high school reunion?
8 Who sings the theme "The Joker" to Kath and Kim?
9 In Da Kath and Kim code, who does Kel get jealous of?
10 What is Kel really doing when Kath thinks he's cheating?
11 What did Kim's father Gary refer ro her as?
12 What was Kath's old surname (When married to Gary)?
13 Just one last question..