How well do u know your music?

Mostly a "can you name that song", or finish the lyrics kind of quiz of popular songs. so take it and see how well you know your music.

1 who is the song "The Warning "by Eminem dissing?
2 In the song "Boom Boom Pow" Ferige sings what?
3 In the song "3" By Britney Spears she sings what?
4 Come on you have to know this..... in a popular christmas song "who got ran over by a reindeer?"
5 Kanye west prays hes feet dont fail in what song?
6 Which musical couple is not married?
7 Who sings the song "Love Drunk?"
8 In the song " I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys they sing what?
9 In the song "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles which line is correct?
10 In they new song "Fireflies" what does the singer get a thousand hugs from?
11 In the song "Cupid's chokehold"
12 Last one... in the song "Barbie girl" which sentance is correct?