How well do u know your music?
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How well do u know your music?

Mostly a "can you name that song", or finish the lyrics kind of quiz of popular songs. so take it and see how well you know your music.

1. who is the song "The Warning "by Eminem dissing?
2. In the song "Boom Boom Pow" Ferige sings what?
3. In the song "3" By Britney Spears she sings what?
4. Come on you have to know this..... in a popular christmas song "who got ran over by a reindeer?"
5. Kanye west prays hes feet dont fail in what song?
6. Which musical couple is not married?
7. Who sings the song "Love Drunk?"
8. In the song " I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys they sing what?
9. In the song "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles which line is correct?
10. In they new song "Fireflies" what does the singer get a thousand hugs from?
11. In the song "Cupid's chokehold"
12. Last one... in the song "Barbie girl" which sentance is correct?