The Ultimate Zelda Quiz

This is the ultimate zelda quiz that will test you on everything zelda...

1 Who is our hero?
2 What is the first TEMPLE in the first 3D Zelda game?
3 (Ocarina of time) In every Stage there are weapons or tools you use to beat it.... What was the first one??
4 (Ocarina of time) What was the song you needed to play to bye-pass time.
5 This was the first Zelda game to change the look of the tunics What was it?
6 How many bottles are there in Ocarina of time?
7 (Ocarina of time) Zelda gives you this to try to defeat Gannondorf.
8 This was the first game to feature "toon link" as our hero
9 (Ocarina of time) how many TEMPLES are there.
10 This was the first game to make the temple of time an actual boss temple.
11 In twilight princess, how many different types of bombs are there?
12 Who was the last Temple boss in Majora's mask
13 what mask did you have to use in the third temple in majora's mask
14 who was the final boss in majora's mask
15 This is one of the bosses on twilight princess
16 Did they ever make a true sequel to the first zelda?