THIS is the hardest quiz ever.
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THIS is the hardest quiz ever.

this is the hardest quiz ever, despite everything else. you won't get a 90-100% on it. EVER.

1. What shape is a carrot?
2. How many keys are on a full-sized keyboard?
3. iron and the letter e
4. google images
6. Katie's gumball machine could hold 326 gumballs. After a couple of weeks, it had to be re-filled. Katie bought a pack of gumballs that contained 264 gumballs and put them in her machine. How many more gumballs would she need for the machine to be totally filled?
7. infinitas
8. Blue
9. Benzenesulfonic acid is
10. What is 2+3*5-1 (* means multiply)
11. What is wrong in this sentence: I would never have asked for your grade if I didn't know how well you are doing.
12. the answer is below you