How long will you last against an Agent?
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How long will you last against an Agent?

Your in the matrix, you call the operator and ask where the phone out is, but suddenly, a pedestrian across the street turns into an agent, (tuxedo,sunglasses,desert eagle in hand) and he's pointing his deagle at you. How long will you last in a fight against an agent?

1. What gun(s) would you use against an agent?
2. If you went into hand-to-hand combat with an agent, what combat style would you use?
3. If three agents suddenly appeared in front of you and you were already being chased by two, what would you do?
4. If you were being interrogated by agents and they just put something alive crawling and icky into your belly button and it just went through, Who should you call?
5. Pickles Letteuce Pickles Jelly?