How well do you know video games?
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How well do you know video games?

See just how much you really know about games.

1. How many times have Sonic and Mario appeared in the same game?
2. Was there a Sonic The Hedgehog game on the Sega Master System?
3. What is the Contra code?
4. Who was the group that sold non licensed games on the NES?
5. What game had the prototype level Genocide City?
6. What was the original title for Bionic Commando on the NES before it was changed in America?
7. Designer Cliff Bleszinski is responsable for bringing us what series?
8. The makers of Devil May Cry make what other famous series?
9. Hideo Kojima produced Metal Gear Solid, what other title did he work with, it had anime styled cutscenes?
10. Which of these consoles didn't get online?