jo jo ba ba & mysterious nacho lord quiz adventure

If you don't know the ropes then don't tie the string. If you can't see your hand in the dark... turn on the lights. Geographic monkeys don't like people on a Wednesday. So think you can beat the "jo jo ba ba & mysterious nacho lord quiz adventure" quiz?

1 Are you gonna do what when the boogie man comes?
2 If some old jedi ask's for your nacho's in return of a lightsaber and mystical jedi-ish/alpha chipmunk powers you...
3 Which is mah favourite type of filling?
4 Sam? (me)
5 is mah best friend/s who...?
6 YO YO YO means...
7 favorite type of music of harris and i and most possibly simone vinton? (if she is taking this quiz which would be odd because this is random not like my charming properly spelt and gramatically correct side)