Are you a cheap piece of shit?
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Are you a cheap piece of shit?

This will declare whether you are a Penny Saver, conserv or jewish

1. So you take you and your woman out to the local steakhouse.. It takes 45 minutes to get your food - The bill is 65 dollar's how much money do you tip?
2. You come across a broken down motorist - All you have is duct tape and a sr -22 insurance policy in your car- and the owner of the car appears to be helpless.
3. So you run into rick james @ the club- and he lost his platinum chain wallet and needs a drink- what do you do??
4. A friend asks for you to go get a tattoo with them.. You've been thinking about getting one for a long time and have a good idea about what you could get.. what do you do?
5. What do you do in your private time?
6. Have you ever smoked Marajuana?
7. If you could have one of the following car's what would it be??
8. Someone stole a Jelly donut from your mess hall.. WHAT THE F. DO YOU DO?
9. Who is your daddy? And what does he DO?