How well do you know the 2009 Guyasuta Chiefs?

Take the quiz to see how much you really know about the 2009 KBL Champions, Guyasuta Chiefs!

1 First of all: What colors are the Guyasuta Chiefs?
2 Who is the QB for the Chiefs?
3 Who plays on the offensive line?
4 Who plays on the DEFENSIVE line?
5 What was the Chiefs Regular-Season record?
6 Who did the Chiefs play in the First Round of the 2009 playoffs?
7 What was the score of the playoff game?
8 Where did the 2009 155lb limit KBL Championship take place?
9 Who did the Guyasuta Chiefs play in the Championship?
10 Who won the 2009 KBL Championship?
11 What was the score of the Championship game?
12 How did Guyasuta score one of it's(maybe the only) touchdown?
13 At the end of the season, What was the Chiefs total record?