Should you be allowed to create quizzes?

A series of questions designed to determine whether you're capable enough to make quizzes, and, if so, how many you're competent enough to create.

1 When typing, do you use words such as "u", "r", "wat", "boi", "ho", "sk8", "dat", etc?
2 What's an ellipses?
3 What's an amprisand?
4 What's the correct punctuation of this sentence?: "Dad can I have some money for the movies I cant find my wallet"
5 Does an adjective generally come before a noun, or after?
6 What's the difference between a noun and a pronoun?
7 When should you use both an exclamation mark and a question mark?
8 What words should you never start a sentence with?
9 What's the maximum number of exclamation marks you should use at one time?
10 When should you use capital letters?