Should you be allowed to create quizzes?
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Should you be allowed to create quizzes?

A series of questions designed to determine whether you're capable enough to make quizzes, and, if so, how many you're competent enough to create.

1. When typing, do you use words such as "u", "r", "wat", "boi", "ho", "sk8", "dat", etc?
2. What's an ellipses?
3. What's an amprisand?
4. What's the correct punctuation of this sentence?: "Dad can I have some money for the movies I cant find my wallet"
5. Does an adjective generally come before a noun, or after?
6. What's the difference between a noun and a pronoun?
7. When should you use both an exclamation mark and a question mark?
8. What words should you never start a sentence with?
9. What's the maximum number of exclamation marks you should use at one time?
10. When should you use capital letters?